Welcome on my blog

November 10, 2015

Hi, I am Nicolas, a web developer.

I've created this blog to share with you some thoughts, problems and ideas about what I'm working on. I'm currently working at Botify, as a Front End Javascript developer. So there will be posts about what we do at Botify to develop and improve its SaaS application but also about experiments I'm working on side projects.

I'm passionate about the web and how it allows people to build from scratch things that may be used by everybody or every company around the world to make its life easier and maybe a bit better. The web brings new problematics like scalability, internationalization, extended social networks, and so much more.

I hope that in an early future, you find something interesting to read here and maybe debate about it; because we, web enthusiasts, might don't have the same idea about how we should build the technologies that power the web, how we should use them and how we should work to create stuff and business.


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